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Licensed Trade Stocktakers and auditors to Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Leisure Sites and Restaurants.

Providing Stock Auditing services throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire, Durham, Cleveland and Cumbria.

 Stocktaking: The examination, counting, and valuing of goods on hand in a shop or business.
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Need A Stocktaker in West Yorkshire?  We work closely with Inn-Tec Auditing to provide comprehensive coverage in all areas of Yorkshire and beyond.

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1. Wrong measures used or incorrect selling prices.

2. Excessive beer wastage.

3. Stock out on loan but not reported to the stock auditor.

4. Incorrect revenue (possibly due to wrong allocation).

5. Unrecorded allowances.

6. Short deliveries

7. Stock held on the premises but not shown to the stock auditor.

8. Draught beer having been returned but not recorded.

9. Unrecorded internal company transfer of stock.

10. Theft of either stock or cash.

11. Wrong dilution ratios of post mixes.




Stocktaking is an essential service to the Licensed Trade.  The stocktaker will count and value the stock on hand at the time of audit and from this and by examining delivery/purchase information and your sales records, the auditor will calculate gross profit margins and calculate the yield obtained throughout the stock period.  The stocktaking process can also highlight stock losses including theft and wastage.

Essentially you should use the services of a stocktaker to value your stock when you first take over the business (ingoing stock valuation) and then on a monthly basis thereafter.

Qualified Stocktakers will use the letters FILSA or MILSA after their names to indicate that they are qualified members of the I.L.T.S.A.  (Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors).  Each has undergone thorough training and examination.

At North Yorkshire Stocktaking we provide a comprehensive stock audit service to all licensed premises throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire, Durham, Cleveland and Cumbria.  With over 30 years industry experience and many years of extensive stock audit expertise, we’re able to provide you with the level of service your business needs.  We not only audit wet stock we  also provide a food stock service. 

In most instances audit reports are completed on the day and on site so that you have a full report available on the day of audit.  The report is available as a PDF  to assist your filing and circulation requirements and a full printed version is available on request.  The stock report will explain the findings of the audit and we strongly recommend that you discuss the report with the auditor at the time of audit.

We’d be pleased to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in detail, after which we’ll provide you with a competitive quote for the services you require.

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Leading Purpose-designed Stock Audit Software

(supplied by Greyeye Technology and recommended by I.L.T.SA.)


On-site result


Comprehensive on-site printed results (where required).

Every product listed, showing its own profit level and margin.

Till and Cash Reconciliation.

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Good stock control is vital to the successful performance of your business.  Indeed it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Your accountant will always produce a gross profit figure each year. However, monthly stocktaking by a professional independent stocktaker is usually the best way to ensure that you are achieving a good return on your investment, or indeed to highlight shortfalls in your profitability, without waiting for your year end when you may discover that your business has not been as profitable as you had hoped.

The expenditure on stock is probably one of the biggest ongoing expenses of your business it makes sense to closely control what happens to it once it arrives on your premises.  The object of the Stock Audit is to do just that. Through regular stocktaking we can help you to ensure that your business is operating to its best profit potential and help to protect this valuable asset, your stock.



Regular periodic stock audit and reporting


Change of Ownership/licensee valuations for incoming and outgoing parties.


Annual Stock Valuation


 Monitor costs and ensure preset profit margins are achieved


Recording of purchases and checking of cost prices through delivery notes and invoices


Help ensure that losses are not occurring through bad practice or dishonesty


Professionally produced stock reports are accepted as valid records for tax, accounting and VAT purposes.

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